Does your iPhone look this good?

Perforated Silver Edge with Wood patterned middle insert!
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This case matches your lifestyle while providing excellent protection of your investment.

Optimal Performance

The edge of the skin is perforated to allow the maximum amount of signal. This design consideration mitigates the famed grip-of-death because your phone's signal is not blocked, while at the same time it is comfortable in your hand. The edge is hard plastic and doesn't grip the fabric of your pocket or purse so retrieving your phone quickly is not an issue.

high-end Design

We designed our skin to not only fit your iPhone 4, but we also designed our skin to fit your life. Our inspiration comes from the luxury wood finishes found in cars like the Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mayback. The silver finish of our hard plastic edge adds a modern styling to accent the wood print. Together these parts form a unique skin that looks amazing and will be the talk of all who see it.

Solid Protection

This skin covers the back and edges of your iPhone 4. The edge unit covers the edges of your phone, the middle insert covers the top and bottom edges, as well as the back of the phone. Together these pieces form a covering that protects your phone from normal wear and tear, and the occasional drop. The glass face surface is not covered except along the very edge. Cellshields recommends a protective glass covering.

Benefits and Features




  1. Simply snap the pieces together over your phone's original cover. You don't need to remove the phone's original body.
  2. The back of the case is perfectly flat maintaining the slim profile of your phone. The case is easy to apply! Just snap the two pieces together.
  3. Place the button edge (volume buttons) of your iPhone into the EDGE part, then press down on the opposite side of the phone to snap the protective edge unit around your phone.
  4. Next, place the middle insert over the top of your phone (Sleep button and headphones port) FIRST, then simply press gently down on the insert to until the bottom of the insert snaps around the bottom of the iPhone and you are done.

To Remove

  1. TO REMOVE - ALWAYS remove the skin by first unhooking the side that does NOT have the buttons. It's the reverse of the putting it on.

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The above photo is to demonstrate how the color of the skin changes depending on your viewing angle.